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Questions for Providers

     Often parents just beginning the search for child care are unsure what to ask a potential     
     provider.  We hope the following list of questions will be helpful to you in your search for 
     Quality Licensed Child Care. 

      Are the children’s areas clean and safe?
      Is there sufficient space and materials for the children?
      Are their toys and activities readily available to the children?
      Is the provider friendly an affectionate with the children? 
      Is the provider easy to talk to? 

      What is the daily routine? 
      Are nutritious snacks and meals provided?
      Where do the children sleep? What is the nap schedule? 

      What are the ages and size of the group? 
      What are the days and hours of operation? 
      Is there a list of references from enrolled and previously enrolled parents?

      Is the child care license current? 
      Do the provider and staff have current CPR & First Aid Training? 
      What are the fees? 
      What are the contract policies?
      What is the sick child policy? 
      Is the provider prepared for emergencies? 

      Does the program meet the needs of your child and family? 
      Is this a good fit for everyone?
      Do I feel comfortable leaving my child here?

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